What to write on a birthday card for a friend

Advertisement 75th Birthday Wishes The 75th Birthday is a special event for every man and every woman because it is a big anniversary, which occurs only once in life. To grandma or grandpa, father or mother or another loved one on his 75th To congratulate birthday, one usually writes a birthday card, nowadays sometimes a SMS. You find a couple fo congratulations and sayings for the 75th birthday here. Some are funny, others are warm and happe messages.

What to write on a birthday card for a friend

Wondering how you can express your feelings for a special friend on her birthday? Thinking of something sweet to say to your bff? Whether it is for a classmate, schoolmate, buddy in college or a colleague in the office — this post will help you create your own quotes which you can scribble out on a greeting card for your bestie.

Happy birthday to a special friend. When I fight with my boyfriend, I come to you. When I fight with my teachers, I come to you. When I fight with my brother, I come to you. Maybe I should send my mom, boyfriend, teacher and brother to you for some personality training so they stop fighting with me.

Happy birthday to my bff. It rocks my world and lifts me up when I am down. You are hotter than red, cooler than blue — because the reason for all my smiles is no one but a friend like you. Sometimes I take its presence for granted but I am lost without it.

You are lucky that these are things which I can tolerate in abundance. Happy birthday to my superhero. Sometimes you are cheerful, sometimes you are gloomy. Sometimes you are fun, sometimes you are happy. Sometimes you are a bore, sometimes you are moody.

Despite the ups and downs, our friendship is always carefree. Despite all the drama, you will always be my bestie. Happy birthday my friend. Happy birthday to the friend who is also my soul mate.

They have all been missing since I have had you in my life as my friend. When I dream about a life without the company of friends like you, I see total darkness. Happy birthday to a friend who makes my life vibrant and colorful.

What to write on a birthday card for a friend

I hope that we can be close friends just as we are right now, even when we are frail, fragile and old. Happy birthday to my real life partner. The laughs and smiles we share, show how much we care.

Memories of the times spent together, will remain in my heart forever. You argue with me, you harass me, you lie to me, you make fun of me. Despite all this I still tolerate you as my friend, because I do the same things to you. The first type, are the friends whose birthdays are reminded by Facebook.

The second type like you, are the friends whose birthdays are reminded by the heart. Iron rusts with time but gold never corrodes, plus it shines too. Happy birthday to my Shoulder.You can write a meaningful, original birthday message quickly and easily no matter how experienced you are at creative writing.

The key is to follow these simple steps. First, list the character qualities you appreciate about this friend. Write the perfect retirement message with our guide on what to write in a retirement card, including messages for co-workers, family members, and more. and a good friend.

Now go and relax! You will remembered for the things that you did here. Thanks for your years of hard work and dedication.

What to write on a birthday card for a friend

Congratulations on your retirement. I just want to say, Happy Birthday To you, my dear, dear friend You have always been there for me And our friendship will never end I will stay with you through and through forever and ever, We. The following are ideas for Birthday Wishes for a Friend Have you ever struggled with what to write in your Birthday cards?

Do you want to give a special Birthday Wish to your Friend? Let us give you some ideas to create the perfect Birthday greeting. Jul 31,  · These are more than 90 examples of things to write in a birthday card.

Let these birthday messages, wishes, and quotes help you figure out what to write. friend; See results Birthday. 30th Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Poems to Write in a Card.

by Blake Flannery 1. Birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for a Wife or Girlfriend. by Reviews: 9. A birthday card can never be a perfect card unless you write Birthday Wishes or Birthday Quotes. Unfortunately, not everyone can express his feelings in words, let alone quotes and poems which are more complicated and difficult to compose.

What to Write in a Birthday Card?