Stickley case

The age of a piano matters a great deal for it's value and can tell a lot about the way the piano was manufactured and what kind and quality of wood was used to build your piano. Due to their towering height, these instruments usually had string lengths and musical capabilities equal and often superior to actual grand pianos, thus being labeled "Upright Grand", "Cabinet Grand" or "Inverted Grand" by their manufactures.

Stickley case

Please note that some of the manufactures require us to post a standard retail price, but it just might be on sale for our customers! So make sure you call us, so we can tell you if it is!

Stickley case

We are always updating our stock, of only the best antiques. When working with antiques, we strive to restore it to it's original state, and not to refinish it. We do not sell new, used or reproductions, but we will take consideration of pieces that you may want to consign or to sell to us.

Having an antique, brings you back to a place where life was simple and didn't have the stresses of today. Make sure you check back to see any new pieces we have gotten! Click on the link for directions and additional information.


The Market is open Thursday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm and til 8pm on Fridays. Have something in your attic, barn, basement that needs work? We don't discriminate on the style of furniture, and we only use the best to bring your piece back to life.

We can reupholster, strip that nasty paint, fix wobbling legs, and even make replacement pieces.

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Follow the link above or on the picture, to see before and after photos, and to learn more about the processes we use.Stickley Furniture: A Business Case Study Words Jan 28th, 10 Pages Stickley was founded in by brothers Leopold and George Stickley whose collective dream of producing fine wood furniture was about to come to fruition.

GRADE V - ARTISTIC CASE PIANOS. Weber Upright Piano, New York This piano's case features elaborate carving, inlay, and Marquetry created by the famous New York cabinetmakers, Herter Brothers. This case concerns the interpretation of Article One in the Last Will and Testament of Daniel C.

Stickley (the Testator), who died on May 4, Article One of his will addresses the payment of death taxes and administration expenses. This time last year, I spotlighted an appeal letter provided to me by Cindy Timmerman, Development Director of Community Link, in a Mailbox metin2sell.comity Link is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people with disabilities.

FOUND in Ithaca is a square foot multi-dealer antique and vintage marketplace. From 19th century formal to mid century modern you can find it at FOUND. Find great deals on eBay for stickley.

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