Smite matchmaking is bad

Early history — [ edit ] Attendees of the Space Invaders Championships attempt to set the highest score The earliest known video game competition took place on 19 October at Stanford University for the game Spacewar.

Smite matchmaking is bad

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Like many in the manosphere, I have a certain set of rituals that I conduct to keep my mind sharp. One of these rituals is that I read the Homeric epics every spring. There are many reasons I do this, Homer being a huge influence in my own writing one of the foremost.

Another reason is simply that the story of Troy is such a powerful one that I am compelled to keep coming back to it. The following are some lessons from the Iliad that are as relevant now as they were then: Good Leaders Must be Servants This is the paradox of power and ambition.

Those that seek power doubtlessly have a good amount of personal ambition and desire for greatness. However, this desire must never be allowed to run amok where the leader uses his position for his personal aggrandizement at the expense of the rest. Agamemnon is an example of a poor, or at the very least mediocre, leader.

Achilles remarks in Book 1: Safer by far, you find, to foray all through camp, commandeering the prize of any man who speaks against you.

King who devours his people!

Smite matchmaking is bad

It is significant that Agamemnon rallies his subordinates, such as Teucer in Book 8, by making them promises based on the treasures of Troy as if they all belonged to him: I am not to blame! A god impels all things to their fulfillment… What emerges is the portrait of a greedy, selfish human being who, though he may care for the men around him, is at Troy first and foremost for his personal gain.

His destructive quarrel with Achilles was the natural result of this attitude. He is in fact the single biggest cause of the horrendous loss of human life that occurs in the Iliad.

He then got his mother Thetis to intervene with Zeus on his behalf: Persuade him, somehow, to help the Trojan cause, to pin the Achaeans back against their ships, trap them round the bay and mow them down.

So all can reap the benefits of their king — so even mighty Atrides can see how mad he was to disgrace Achilles, the best of the Achaeans!

Smite matchmaking is bad

This shows that Achilles cares absolutely nothing for his brothers in arms. Their lives and deaths mean nothing to him. The only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is himself and his glory.

He says as much before he sends Patroclus off to battle in Book Jun 16,  · Basically if you're not bad prepare to be put on a team with people who are bad, especially if you've won a few games recently.

ELO is supposed to match you with people on similar levels. Regar matchmaking doesn't use an ELO system to Operating System: XONE, MAC, PC, PS4.

New gods, new mods and other stuff are good, but core of game - matchmaking - is very bad. Of course I understand that hirez will not read this message and even they will read nothing will change.

But I tired from unbalanced bad games in SMITE. This character is regarded as a deity of love (which, more often than not, includes sexual lust as well).

Most likely a member of the setting's ruling pantheon, but could be any character (including a mortal) who is regarded by other characters as a goddess of love. Male love gods are included in.

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Smite ranked matchmaking i've seen in 10 minutes and. In, patch , is it reveals the other hand got out of smite's battlegrounds.

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