Security threat to india essay

Related Introduction The aim of the following essay will be to critically evaluate the existing evidence, which supports the argument for considering terrorism as a threat to both national and international security. The topic of terrorism and the acts of violence associated with is one that is deeply embedded in the fabric of the late-modern period Young,but paradoxically this does not make it an easy concept to define Bolanos, ; Martin,Hoffman, ; Silke, This largely reflects the different priorities which both national and international organisations have, thereby making the achievement of consensus quite difficult Senu, However, for the purposes of the present study, terrorism will be defined as the systematic use of violence in order to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby bring about a particular political objective [1].

Security threat to india essay

Yes, this is nothing but a complete essay on terrorism in India. In short, it can be said that after reading this simple essay on terrorism you will be truly benefited and will get a proper idea to write different essays or Articles on this subject like Essay on terrorism, Terrorism in India essay, global terrorism essay, an article on terrorism etc.

You can also prepare a speech on Terrorism from this simple essay on Terrorism. A satirical essay on such issue may be a great way to make awareness that we require safeguarding our planet for the future generations. Terrorist or anti-social groups who are in a condition of depravity, utilize a wide range of weapons and systems to threaten their rivals.

They detonate bombs, utilize guns, hand explosives, rockets, plundering houses, banks and plundering foundations, to devastate religious destinations, to grab individuals, abnormal state transports, and planes, to permit discharge and assaults.

Though terrorism in not a new problem in India, but rather it has expanded quickly over the most recent couple of years. India has witnessed lots of brutal terrorist attacks in the different parts of the country.

Security threat to india essay

Major cause of Terrorism in India At the time of Independence India is divided into two parts on the basis of religion or community. Later on, this separation on the basis of religion or community scattered hatred and dissatisfaction among some people.

Some of them later started involving in anti-social activities and somehow it adds fuels to Terrorism or Terrorist activities in the country.

Security threat to india essay

One of the major cause of the spread of terrorism in India is deprivation. The unwillingness and appropriate efforts on the part of our political leaders and the government to bring the backward groups into the national mainstream and democratic process adds fuels to terrorism.

In addition to the socio-political and economic aspects, the psychological, emotional and religious aspects are also involved in the problem. All this creates strong feelings and extremism.

The unprecedented wave of terrorism in the recent past in Punjab can only be understood and appreciated in this context. The demand for a Khalistan separated by these alienated sectors of society became so strong and powerful at a point in time that it put our unity and integrity under tension.

But in the end, good sense prevailed, both in government and in the people, and an electoral process began in which people participated wholeheartedly.

This participation of the people in the democratic process, together with the strong measures taken by the security forces, helped us to carry out a successful battle against terrorism in Punjab.

Besides political and religious causes some other factors like poverty, unemployment also plays a vital role in the expansion of terrorist activities in those areas. So only major points are discussed. It is widely accepted that terrorism has become a threat to humanity.

Besides India, different countries across the globe are also suffering from terrorism. Some advanced countries like America, France, Switzerland, Australia are also on that list. Conclusion Terrorism has become an international problem and, as such, can not be solved in isolation.

International cooperation efforts are required to combat this global threat. All governments of the world should simultaneously and continuously take bold steps against terrorists or terrorism. The global threat of terrorism can only be reduced and eliminated through close cooperation between several countries.

The countries from which the militancy comes must be clearly identified and declared as terrorist states. It is very difficult for any terrorist activity to thrive for a long time in a country unless there is a strong external support to it.

Terrorism does not achieve anything, it does not solve anything, and the faster this is understood, the better.

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It is pure madness and an exercise in futility. In terrorism, there can be no winner or winner. If terrorism becomes a way of life, the leaders and heads of state of the various countries are solely responsible.

This vicious circle is your own creation and only your combined and combined efforts can prove it. Terrorism is a crime against humanity and must be treated with an iron hand.

Terrorism adversely affects the quality of life and hardens attitudes.Essays on Security Threats In India. Security Threats In India Search. Search Results. Maoist Threat In India Threat In India Most of the current thinking in many hotspots around the and lethal existence of the insurgency.

The security forces and police need to be amply. Naxalism:Threat to Internal Security The Government of India has taken serious note of the Naxal problem in the recent past. The recent attacks by the Naxalites on State and Central Police Forces in Dantewada are very serious events wherein large number of lives have been lost and the Nation sits up to see as to what would happen and what should happen.

essay on terrorism in india: a global threat to humanity In this essay on terrorism in India or Article on terrorism in India, we are going to throw light in each and every effect of terrorism along with vast numbers of examples of terrorist activities across the globe.

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