Running a dog kennel business plans

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Running a dog kennel business plans

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business It would be wise to take a small business class or two before you decide to jump into the industry.

Starting a Dog Breeding Business from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

Many organizations offer these types of classes for free. The more prepared you are now, the less surprises you'll find on the road to opening your dog boarding business.

The first thing you'll need is a passion for animals The key to running a successful dog boarding business is having a passion for the clients you'll be working with. Remember it is imperative to provide a safe environment for the pets you are boarding, and focus on the needs of each dog individually.

It is imperative that your potential clients know that the same love and care you give to your pets is the love and care you will give to theirs. You'll likely be caring for a wide of variety of dogs β€” some may be hyper, you'll likely care for senior dogsand you'll surely meet a few that aren't super friendly β€” and you need to be prepared to give them all the time and attention that they deserve.

Gain Experience Gaining experience in an animal related field is a great way to get your feet wet before jumping into operating your own kennel business. Working as a pet sitter, dog walker, veterinary technician, or even as an animal shelter volunteer is key in learning about facility maintenance, animal behavior, and animal health.

Other dogs are trained differently than yours and some aren't trained at all and all animals have their own routines, preferences, and quirks.

Not to mention that you will have multiple dogs at a time, and that could change the dynamic completely. Check out the International Boarding and Pet Services Association and other membership groups that offer industry-specific training and education programs for kennel owners.

Research the Legalities Before opening your boarding facility, you will need to contact your local zoning board to find out which zoning laws may be in place when starting and running a pet boarding businesses. Some areas do not allow pet boarding, so it is important for you to figure that out before you sign a lease on a commercial building.

Dog and Cat Kennel Business Plan

You should check with your local government and obtain written zoning department approval before moving forward. There may be state and local procedures to follow and documentation to receive before your dog boarding business can officially open. Boarding contracts will need to be drafted for your clients to sign as well.

These contracts will protect you, your establishment, any employees you may have and the dog and dog owner s as well. These contracts need to be very detailed, and you may want to work with a lawyer to help you draft them.

Consult with a commercial insurance agent too, and take out a liability insurance policy and establish a plan for emergency veterinary care should an animal suffer a medical emergency.

If you're planning to run your business out of your home, you'll need more than just your homeowners insurance to protect you, your home, and your assets. How to Start a Pet Business with Dogs It is also wise to speak with your attorney or accountant about forming your business as a limited liability company LLCsole proprietorship, or another entity.

Try and choose a CPA, who is familiar with the pet-related industry. Many small businesses run as a sole proprietorship for the first year or two and then establish themselves as a LLC to separate their personal and business assets.

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Select a Profitable Location Once you've gotten all the zoning issues figured out you can move on to selecting a location for your dog boarding business.

When selecting a location, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

running a dog kennel business plans

In a perfect world, franchising or buying an existing kennel is the ideal way to go, but it is certainly possible you will have to build your facility from scratch. This is where the start of your planning and expenses will be.

The location is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.

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Be sure to select a site that is easily accessible with plenty of customer parking and away from residential areas. Study your regional boarding market, analyzing every kennel around your location's vicinity.Dog boarding is a great business opportunity for animal lovers and, according to The American Pet Products Association, is also one of the fastest growing aspects of the pet industry.

Ask broker a question about this property. View more pictures. This hobby kennel and house sit on 20+ acres of land in south-eastern Virginia, ΒΌ mile off a major state route that crosses the bottom of the state of Virginia from east to west.

Begin your business plan by stating your reason for starting the dog kennel.

Ideally, you have a deep love of animals and are dedicated to their welfare; this is important for potential customers.

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