Ownership and self identity essay

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Ownership and self identity essay

Ayla Michelle Demir Consumerism and Identity: However, it seems to me that the identity-building quality of consuming is becoming more and more dominant. The essay begins with an overview of consumer society, before drilling down into Classical Freudian and Postmodern Lacanian psychoanalytic concepts and theories to look at some Ownership and self identity essay the unconscious, erotic, fundamental life processes that drive, create and maintain subjective identity and consumerism.

Consumer Society We live in a postmodern world of media bombardment, in which consumerism is a powerful symbol of capitalist society.

Ownership and self identity essay

Children and adolescents receive increasing attention from advertisers who wish to tap into purchase power and potential adult consumers. Consumption, the buying of consumer products, has become central to the meaningful practice of our everyday life.

Drawing on the work of TuanBelkBensonDittmar and other social and cultural critics, Zepf presents his idea that consumer identity, meaning and value, is formed by 1 what an individual has and possesses.

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He explores the role that buying plays in meaning making and identity formation, arguing that it is leading to an increasingly imaginary, fantasmatic and egoistic consumer society based around the ownership and possession of objects.

Zepf for example, argues that consumption is used to define both individual and social identities, through pursuing imaginary ideal consumer objects.

But these objects never satisfy the postmodern anxiety ridden, empty and greedy subject and more products must be purchased to fill the void of the decentred subject. Miller, This individuation quest for meaningful objects — such as a self — is said to be fundamental to human existence.

Campbell, ; McCraken, ; Slater, The Ego Project The products that we buy, the daily routine activities that we do and the philosophies or beliefs that we pursue, tell the world stories about who we are and with whom we identify.

Belk, ; Zepf, That is, we strive to create an identity through symbolic consumption, which means that individual identity is becoming increasingly inseparable from consumerism. That is, consumers symbolically acquire meaning from everyday consumption.

Belk, ; Dittmar, This is because material objects embody an unconscious system of meanings, through which we express ourselves and communicate with others. Lacan, This is the central meaning of Jacques Lacan's statement that the unconscious is structured like a language. This means that identity is continuously formed and reformed not only through consuming, but also by deliberately avoiding and rejecting particular objects, in order to create the person we want to be.

Psychoanalytic Theories of Identity In his research for his Consumerism and Identity paper, Zepf considered classical Freud, ; Erikson, ; Fromm, and contemporary Minolli, ; Goldberg, psychoanalytic theories of identity and chose to use the definition given by the father of identity theory Erik Erikson.

Neo-Freudian Developmental psychoanalyst Erick Erikson is known for his theory of identity formation. Erikson studied research on identity by authorities in psychoanalysis S. Freud, ego psychology A.

This lack - of the wholeness and omnipotence one feels when united and satisfied with their primary object - is at the centre of the postmodern Lacanian subject and it is what continuously and repetitively drives the subject to find its object.

Except it never is the same object which the subject encounters. In other words, he never ceases generating substitutive objects. Separation from the state of oneness with primary objects causes otherness and an empty space symbolised by objet petit a.

Lacan, In nosological and clinical terms, mental health in the Lacanian perspective is an illusory ideal of wholeness, which can never be attained because the subject is essentially split. This pursuit of meaningful objects is vital to the formation and development of an ego identity and its continuation and communication, as symbolic meanings are used to bridge the gap between the subject and others in society.

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Psychoanalytic Market Research Psychoanalytic concepts have been applied to both psychoanalytic market research and psychoanalytic analyses of consumerism, on both sides of the seller - buyer divide.

Psychoanalytic concepts such as the primacy of unconscious erotic drives, libido, desire, the pleasure principle, primary process, auto-eroticism, primary and secondary narcissism, repression, regression, repetition, identification with a totem, projective identification, substitute, ego-ideal object of choice, etc.

Freud,etc. In his biography of Bernays, Larry Tye writes that Bernays was the first to apply psychoanalytic theories and techniques to advertising, public relations and market research. Cultural and social critic Ewen and others Packard, ; Curtis, ; Turner,write that following Edward Bernays, advertising executive and market researcher Ernest Dichter honed psychoanalytic methods to exploit consumer anxieties, tap hidden desires and urges and offered consumers moral permission to embrace sex and consumption.

Yet it is both discomforting and pleasurable, involving inaccessibility and rejection and a quest for that coveted ideal object. Driving the pursuit of the quest for ideal objects is desire, seduction, longing for love, fear of being without love and tensions between seduction and morality.

Then write an essay in which you explain your position on the relationship between ownership and sense of self. Use appropriate evidence from your reading, experience, or observations to . I believe ownership and knowledge of any certain skill can certainly add to a sense of self identity, character identity, and an understanding the importance of learning a skill. A sense of “owning” an intangible skill of an endless list is important towards a strong development with creating a sense of self. Oct 30,  · Best Answer: Control underlies a sense of ownership and a sense of ownership underlies what we identify with. Our identity comprises our sense of self. I pick up your jacket and throw it in the trash. You may get upset. Why? Because you identified with that jacket, you saw it as yours, you owned that metin2sell.com: Resolved.

An object could be animate or inanimate, human or non-human, a person, part of a person, or an item of material culture. Winnicott, Objects for emotional sustenance, objects that meet psychological and development needs, objects that bridge the inner and outer worlds and the personal and cultural spheres.

From an Object Relations perspective, people use objects in their environment to develop, manage and mediate their sense of self and to relate to others and the external environment Gomez, ; Stavrakakis, In On NarcissismFreud described the ego-ideal as the heir of infantile narcissism and as a psychic agency an ego capable of conscious self-observation.

He had already defined narcissism in much the same way in the third chapter of Totem and Taboo. Freud, The Freudian concept of the ego-ideal is an amalgam of idealized images, fantasies and wishes against which an individual measures their experience.

It represents an attempt in later life to recreate the condition of primary narcissism, the period of infancy when a child imagined itself to be the centre of a loving admiring world. Through ego-ideal processes involving fantasies and narratives, an identity can be formed that can command the attention, respect and emotion of others.Oct 30,  · Best Answer: Control underlies a sense of ownership and a sense of ownership underlies what we identify with.

Our identity comprises our sense of self. I pick up your jacket and throw it in the trash. You may get upset. Why? Because you identified with that jacket, you saw it as yours, you owned that metin2sell.com: Resolved.

Brand Identity: Major Influence on Consumer Decision Making Introduction: Building a brand driven culture is a lifelong commitment to a mindset and a way of life that takes time, planning and perseverance that produces intangible outputs which include greater customer satisfaction, reduced price sensitivity, fewer customer defections, a greater share of customers’ wallets, more referrals.

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The skills and knowledge you obtain become your identity, and this is another example of how the relationship between ownership and sense of self are so intertwined.

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For Victor, parenting had become an issue of possession, ownership and self-exaggeration. The issue of parenting soon became an obsession with power. This need of power led Victor to create what he believed would be a beautiful human being.

Ownership and self identity essay
Ownership and self identity essay