Essays spanish vacations

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Essays spanish vacations

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Next Transcript and Translation Compare what Jimmy and Rosie said in this role play and find out why the examiner gave Rosie a higher mark. Usually I go to Scotland. Each year I visit my grandparents in Scotland for two weeks, but this year I had the chance to go to Madrid with my school as well.

Fui a Escocia con mi familia. I went to Scotland with my family. I went to see my grandparents as usual, but in July I went to Madrid for a week with my school.

I stayed with my grandparent, I went to the beach and I played golf. Por la noche cenamos en restaurantes. The first day in Madrid we went to the funfair. I had a great time there because it was sunny and really good fun.

We also went on a trip into town, we went to the swimming pool, visited a palace and various cathedrals and we went to the park. At night we ate in restaurants. I really enjoyed it. No me gustaron mucho porque era aburrido. Yes I had a really good time becasue it was the first time that I went on holiday with my friends.

I like the weather in Spain and I liked Madrid because there was a lot going on. Escocia es muy bonito pero tranquilo. Scotland is very pretty but quiet.

Nowadays in essay spanish about vacation

Before it was more dirty but now its much cleaner and wealthier. Voy a visitar a mis abuelos en Escocia. He invited me to go camping with them on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona Page:"Vacation Essay In Spanish" Essays and Research Papers.

Vacation Essay In Spanish. Samantha Camacho October 7, Major Spanish Project: Column B Vacations are a time we use to recharge our batteries. A time to spend with the ones you love and build lifelong memories.

A word list (word bank) of vocabulary and common phrases about vacations. In spanish 3 we had to right an essay about a vacation we took 2 weeks ago that we just got back from (obviously we made it up). I would appreciate if someone could proofread my essay and let me know what is incorrect.

Nowadays in essay spanish about vacation. No Comments.

Essays spanish vacations

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Sample essay thesis statement ged about cooking essay in respecting others. Hey everyone, I'm studying for a spanish exam right now and I wrote a short essay about what I did during my last summer holidays.

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